LEERFEI D-092 Multimedia Wooden Speaker , Wooden Multimedia Speaker

د.ا 8.00

  • The wooden USB speaker looks classic and elegance. The resulting sound is very good. Speaker dimensions (1 speaker): W x W x H = 7.5cm x 10cm x 15cm Specifications: -. Output power: 3Wx2 – SNR: 60> dB -. Frequency response: 90Hz – 20KHz -. Power supply voltage: USB 5V -. Separation Degree:> 70dB -. Standard impedence: 4 Ohms link bubble wrap to prevent damage to your goods on the expedition: “Shopping conditions” – Please check stock before transfer. – Who will he get sooner, bro / sis. (It’s not our fault if the stock chat time is still there, but another precursor because it doesn’t transfer immediately). – Please include a description when ordering. – If you do not include information, we will send goods randomly (NO COMPLAINTS) – Items that have been purchased cannot be exchanged.